We are the Youth!

We love our students! On Wednesday night at 6:30 Jr and Sr High meet in our "Lounge" with our youth leaders (Pastoral Interns Kim and Galadriel) 

and are working through a weekly video series called NUA.

NUA:Origins aims to provide a learning environment that empowers young people to engage with Christianity. The series will consist of eight episodes looking at the nature of God and our identity, the meaning of Jesus’s death, prayer, the Scriptures and a closer look at those who encountered Jesus. We have called it NUA:Origins because of the cultural fascination with superheroes origins stories. We love to find out the back story of people’s lives. Through 8 (12-15minute) short films, host’s Jonny Somerville, Sarah Campbell and Eric Hughes will share the origins of their faith journeys whilst encouraging the viewers to explore or begin their own.

Check this out for our statewide upcoming events.